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Measuring Success Right

Sep 28, 2020

Ever feel like you don't have enough experience to craft a robust LinkedIn profile? Join Austin Henline (TEDx speaker, Global Sales Intern at LinkedIn) and Lilli Vehikite as they discuss how college students and young professionals can utilize LinkedIn to boost their networks and career opportunities. Austin speaks to...

Sep 21, 2020

Too many people are suffering from workplace misery. What's the cure? How do we fix it? Join Tim Burningham (founder and president of The Center for Company Culture) and Rachel Smith as they discuss how companies can cultivate a positive workplace culture to combat workplace misery. Tim shares insights from his book Be...

Sep 14, 2020

Interested in protecting the planet? Want to help keep the oceans clean? Ever thought about starting a company? Join Marx Acosta-Rubio (CEO of Neptune Plastics) and Andrea Cabrera as they discuss how Neptune Plastics is combating aquatic pollution with their biodegradable plastic. 

Sep 7, 2020

Ever feel like life is happening to you instead of for you? Join Annabelle Sorensen (certified life coach) and Mark Sherman as they discuss maintaining control of your life. Annabelle shares the importance of balancing the negatives and positives in your life as well as the value of growing while pursuing your...